My Favorite Accessory: The Yankee Cap

I Can Make The Yankee Hat More Famous Than A Yankee Can! Or At Least I Think Thats The Case. I Have Never Been Big Into Jewelry, In That Regard Just Like My New Found Lifestyle I Have A Very Minimal Amount Of Jewelry. I Have A Few Time Pieces (Watches), A Pair Of Diamond Studs (Which I Feel Every Woman Deserves A Pair), And A Couple Of Handbags. But My Favorite Accessory Would Have To Be My Yankee Hat! I Have A Girlfriend That Always Says She's Gonna Get Married In Her Yankee Cap ( Its The Greatest Idea ..Like How Cool Is That!). I Don't Know If I Will Take My Cap All The Way To The Alter But I Do Get Great Joy Out Of Everyday Wear. Not Only Does It Go With Just About Everything And Perfect For A Bad Hair Day, It Also Sparks A lot Of Conversations. You Know The Normal " Oh Are You From NY?" I Get That One Every Time And Sometimes By Someone Who I've Been Eyeing, Which Is Kinda Exciting. But Mainly I Hate When My Hair Blows Out Of Place, Its Super Annoying! My Yankee Cap Takes Care Of That For Me. So I Suggest You Go Ahead And Rep Your Hometown With A Cool Baseball Cap!

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